Industrial Appliances Range

Welcome to Calterio’s Industrial Appliances Range, where innovation meets efficiency. Our range of industrial appliances is designed to enhance operational excellence, streamline processes, and maximize productivity in industrial settings. Explore our offerings below:

SCADA Appliance

The SCADA Appliance is a turnkey solution for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications. It provides real-time monitoring, control, and visualization capabilities, allowing operators to oversee industrial processes with ease.

  • Pre-configured SCADA software for rapid deployment.
  • Centralized data acquisition and visualization.
  • Support for various industrial protocols.
  • Role-based access control for enhanced security.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports.


Manufacturing, energy management, water treatment, building automation.

Namespace Appliance

The Namespace Appliance is a powerful tool for managing industrial data and ensuring consistency across systems. It provides a unified namespace for data modeling, storage, and retrieval, enabling seamless integration and interoperability.

  • Centralized data management with a unified namespace.
  • Support for standard industrial data models.
  • Integration with PLCs, SCADA systems, and IoT devices.
  • Real-time data synchronization and replication.
  • Scalable architecture for handling large volumes of data.


Data integration, interoperability, industrial data management.

Factory Intelligence Appliance

The Factory Intelligence Appliance is an advanced analytics platform for extracting actionable insights from industrial data. It leverages machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to optimize processes, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency.

  • Data preprocessing and cleansing for accurate analysis.
  • Machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance and anomaly detection.
  • Integration with existing industrial systems and databases.
  • Real-time data synchronization and replication.
  • Customizable dashboards and visualizations.


Predictive maintenance, process optimization, quality control.

Why Choose Calterio's Industrial Appliances Range?

Turnkey Solutions

Our appliances are pre-configured and ready to deploy, minimizing setup time and simplifying implementation.


Designed to scale with your operations, our appliances can accommodate the growing needs of your business, ensuring flexibility and adaptability


With support for standard industrial protocols and data models, our appliances seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enabling interoperability and data exchange.

Advanced Analytics

Our Factory Intelligence Appliance offers advanced analytics capabilities, allowing you to unlock valuable insights from your industrial data and drive informed decision-making.


Built with robustness and reliability in mind, our appliances deliver consistent performance in even the most demanding industrial environments.